About JvR Academy

People are not as self-aware as you think

You want change in your organisation, but face resistance around every corner. Not because of any malicious intent, but simply because people are not always aware of why they do what they do. Most people wouldn’t even realise that they ignored the feedback from their colleagues, sabotaged the new company policy, or alienated the staff from the department across the room. They lack perspective on themselves, which creates problems for you, because…

There is no change without self-awareness!

Our mission is to help you to facilitate positive change in your organisation by raising staff self-awareness through a variety of psychology-based learning and skills development interventions.

This is how we do it:

Step 1: Needs analysis

We make sure we align our proposal to your current communication plans and company strategic objectives.

Step 2: Set up pre- and post- surveys or assessments

The goal is to quantify any changes that occurred due to the intervention.

Step 3: The learning intervention

We combine workshops with psychometric assessment, and eLearning to facilitate learning over-time.

Step 4: Personal Development Plans

We contextualise delegate’s learning journey by making the learning intervention a part of their bigger development plan.

Step 5: Management feedback report

We provide you with a summary report of all the data we gathered from course feedbacks and pre-and post-surveys to use as evidence to justify your budget allocations.

Step 6: Re-cap report

Once a year we provide you a summary of work done together during the year.


Recognised as learning provider by:

JvR Academy is accredited with the Services SETA as a skills development provider.

Our learning programmes can be described as people (soft skills) learning and development events and need not be aligned, assessed or moderated. The cost of providing learning and development opportunities to your employees can be claimed back against your Skills Development Levies, provided that your company:

  • is registered as a member of a SETA.
  • compiles and submits a SETA Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
About JvR Academy
Unique learning solutions for people development

As the official training and skills development service provider for the JvR Africa Group, JvR Academy offers social skills and behavioural competency training. Our learning opportunities are well researched and grounded in psychological theory. Individuals and groups of all ages and at all organisational levels can rely on our learning interventions for personal, career and team development.

Our experienced facilitators can tailor the programmes to meet your specific needs and integrate relevant psychometric instruments to add further personal insight and enhanced return on investment.

We are also proud to offer international assessment accreditation training to professionals in the field of psychology and human resources, including training for the Hogan suite of assessments, EQi 2.0, and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. In addition, we present a variety of practitioner workshops and discussion groups for psychologists and psychometrists. These activities are aimed at building and maintaining expertise as well as providing opportunities for networking and professional development. All events for registered HPCSA professionals bear credits for Continuous Professional Development.

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)

JvR Academy is an enthusiastic supporter of the government’s initiative to promote economic transformation to enable meaningful participation in the economy by black people.

As an Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) we have been evaluated by an accredited verification agency, and have attained the status of a Level 4 Contributor.

Our status can be confirmed on the dti’s website by quoting our Unique Reference Number (URN), BEE 7815411.

Our Faculty

Our course designers and facilitators are all highly trained and experienced members and affiliates of the JvR Africa Group. Most are trained as psychologists or psychometrists, and/or have expertise in the relevant subject areas. 

Our Guarantee

We guarantee an effective and professional learning experience. Should you feel that our facilitators or workshop content did not live up to that reputation, we will gladly refund you.


Student discount

Becoming accredited on assessments can be a significant investment for anyone looking to enter the field of psychology. Our goal is to make it easier for students and interns to build a competitive CV.

Students get a 20% discount. Click here to see if you qualify.

Our Team

  • Dr. Karina de Bruin
  • Elke Chrystal
  • Hofmeyr de Beer
  • Elmarie Kolver
  • Sandra Case