Accreditations and CPD

Accreditation Training and CPD Points for Psychologists
Give yourself a competitive advantage with access and insight into some of the best trusted psychometric instruments available world-wide.

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to meet your continuous education quota and at the same time gain valuable insight and information into your field of interest. All of our accreditations and workshops are CPD bearing.

The following are some of our most popular options:

Accreditation training
Clinical Workshops
I/O Workshops
Education workshops
Ethics workshops
Short events
e-Learning Courses

Recognised as learning provider by:

JvR Academy is accredited with the Services SETA as a skills development provider.

Our learning programmes can be described as people (soft skills) learning and development events and need not be aligned, assessed or moderated. The cost of providing learning and development opportunities to your employees can be claimed back against your Skills Development Levies, provided that your company:

  • is registered as a member of a SETA.
  • compiles and submits a SETA Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)
Student discount

Becoming accredited on assessments can be a significant investment for anyone looking to enter the field of psychology or psychometrist. Our goal is to make it easier for students and interns to build a competitive CV.

Students get a 20% discount. Click here to see if you qualify.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee an effective and professional learning experience. Should you feel that our facilitators or workshop content did not live up to that reputation, we will gladly refund you.