California Personality Inventory™ (CPI 434 & 260™)

Time : 08:30 – 16:00
Length of Training : 2 days
Type of Training : International Accreditation
Who should attend
  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered Counsellors
  • Interns in these fields

Wishing to assess a number of personality characteristic for development & empowerment.

Course Overview

The CPI instrument was developed more than 40 years ago as a dynamic and objective measure of personality and behaviour. Now in its third edition, the CPI instrument provides an accurate, complex portrait of a client’s professional and personal styles. People trust this tool to help them find and develop successful employees, develop leaders, create efficient and productive organisations, and promote teamwork.

The CPI instrument presents detailed insights into personality when used in a comprehensive assessment programme. It describes a client as a close, knowledgeable, and objective friend would and is successfully used with adults to develop their work and personal lives.

The CPI 260 instrument takes the exceptional history, validity and reliability, and quality of the CPI instrument and transforms it into a leadership development tool for use in today’s organisational settings. With updated language, scale names, and presentation of results, the CPI260 was designed with the training and development audience in mind. This instrument contains items carefully selected to identify an individual’s strengths and areas for development, providing professionals with an effective measurement tool for their management or leadership development programmes.

  • Two full days of training using didactic and experiential learning techniques
  • CPI Training File
  • Your own CPI 434 Narrative Report
  • Lunch and refreshments

Successful completion of this training allows the delegate access to the CPI™ 434 and CPI 260™.


Two case studies and a 10 point question. Pass mark is 75%.


CPI 434 completed during the training.


Sandra Case

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