DSM–5: Back to the Future

Length of Workshop : 1 day
Type of Workshop : One Day Workshop
Who should attend

Anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of the DSM-5, in particular:

  • Psychologists

The introduction of the DSM-5 marks the most significant paradigm shift since the introduction of the DSM-III. This workshop provides an opportunity to investigate significant changes in the DSM-5. As an introduction to the workshop the history of the DSM will be traced in order to contextualize the advent of the DSM-5. One of the most significant changes in the DSM-5 relates to the organizational structure of the system. The DSM-5 moved away from its traditional multiaxial system, and from the typical hierarchical approach to a more dimensional approach. This will be explored during the workshop.

Time will also be spent on the new classifications incorporation of the significant progress in cognitive neuroscience, brain imaging, epidemiology and genetics. The main discussion in this regard will focus on the two disorders that have been affected most by the changes, i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD. During the workshop we will also focus on significant changes with regards to Schizophrenia spectrum disorders, Mood disorders and Anxiety disorders.

The workshop will close with an exploration of the Disruptive, Impulse Control and Conduct disorders. In particular around the number of significant changes that have implications for both childhood and adulthood pathologies.