Forensic Case-Studies

Time : 08:30 – 12:30
Length of Workshop : Half day
Type of Workshop : CPD Workshop
Who should attend

Anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of forensic psychology, in particular:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Interns in the field

Forensic psychology is a growing field of interest within the South African context. It can be defined as the “application of psychological knowledge for legal purposes” (Roos & Vorster, 2009, p1) and is used to provide the South African court system with a better understanding of human behaviour in relation to forensic matters. The field of forensic psychology can therefore be seen as a meaningful and even decisive factor in the outcome of legal proceedings (Roos & Vorster, 2009) and therefore places an ethical responsibility onto the clinician to provide a comprehensive understanding of human functioning within the legal setting.

This introductory workshop will focus on introducing the field of criminal forensic psychology and areas of particular interest within this domain. For example: the history of forensic psychology in South Africa, the relevant legislation, ethical issues, criminal forensic assessment and report writing, malingering and assessment behaviour. The issue of competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility will also be discussed in detail.


To provide a comprehensive and holistic introduction to the psychological aspects related to criminal forensic work in the South African context.


Chantal Waldeck (Clinical Psychologist))