Hogan Advanced Workshop

Time : 08:30 – 16:30
Length of Training : 2 days
Type of Training : 2 Day Workshop
Who should attend
  • Hogan accredited users
Course Overview

Hogan LogoThe Hogan Assessment Advanced Interpretation Workshop will provide in-depth instruction on using Configural Interpretation to deepen one’s expertise with Hogan profile interpretation.

You will learn interpretation techniques to increase your ability to evaluate Hogan profiles across all three Hogan assessments. These data can be used to provide assessment foundations for effective development plans and coaching for leaders and high potential employees.

The various applications for the series are also covered and each participant is given the opportunity to practice his or her interpretation and feedback skills. Please note that during the two day training, the development and statistical properties of the instruments are NOT covered in detail. But, each participant receives complimentary copies of the technical manuals on a CD for their own information.

You will learn to:
  • Identify important configural interpretations within and between the three Hogan personality inventories.
  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how the Hogan subscales (HICS) influence the overall scale score.
  • Review and interpret dyadic and triadic configurations, conflicts and their behavioral implications.
  • Take a deeper look at Hogan Development Survey interpretation.
  • Learn how to evaluate the Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory using the “cluster approach” and how it interacts with the Hogan Personality Inventory & Hogan Development Survey.
  • Identify and discuss a range of common profile and coaching challenges and how they relate to the Hogan inventories.
  • Critically evaluate case studies using all three assessments and create appropriate development actions.
  • Explore how scales relate to general job competencies.
  • Collaborate and discuss interpretation techniques and coaching strategies with other Hogan-user professionals.
Dr. Nicola Taylor

Nicola Taylor
Nicola Taylor, PhD is a director and head of the Research Department at JvR Psychometrics, where she is responsible for evaluating the psychometric assessments distributed by JvR in terms of their appropriateness in the South African context. She also advises students in terms of their research methodology and provides statistical assistance.

Nicola frequently engages in research projects with organisations in order to determine the effectiveness of programmes or the assessments used within the organisation. She has co-authored articles published in peer-reviewed journals, contributed to book chapters, and read a number of papers at local and international conferences. Her research focus is on cross-cultural psychological assessment, particularly within the field of personality assessment, test construction, and the validation of psychometric assessments in the South African context.

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