MBTI® in Africa

Time : 08:30 – 17:00
Length of Training : 4 days
Type of Training : International Accreditation
Minimum requirements

Bachelor’s degree with experience in people development

Course Overview

The MBTI is the most widely used personality inventory in history and is used on all continents of the world. It has been extensively researched both internationally and in South Africa. As an instrument ideally suited to understanding human behaviour, the MBTI helps to improve work and personal relationships, increase productivity, clarify conflict, identify and develop leadership and enhance interpersonal communication. Please note that this training is an international prerequisite to access the MBTI® instrument.


Day 1: Using the MBTI Instrument and Type with Teams

Day 2: Integrating the MBTI Instrument and Type into Your Work Setting, Using the MBTI Instrument and Type with Individual Clients

Day 3: Using the MBTI Instrument for Individual and Leadership Development

Day 4: Using the MBTI Step II Instrument and Interpretive Report

What’s included
  • Four full days of training using didactic and experiential learning techniques
  • MBTI® Training File & the ‘Introduction to Type’ book
  • The ‘Step I Manual’ & ‘Understanding your MBTI Step II Results’ book
  • Your own Step II Interpretive Report
  • Lunch and refreshments

Successful completion of this training allows the delegate access to the MBTI® Step I (Form M), the MBTI® Step II (Form Q)


Groups of multiple choice questions posed throughout the course of the training


The MBTI Step II is completed online before the training, the MBTI Form M self-scorable is completed during the training


Kathy Knott, Fatima Bhabha, Dr. Nicola Taylor, Katherine Roper, and Dr. Jopie de Beer


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