MBTI®: Using Type in coaching

Time : 08:30 – 11:30
Length of Workshop : 3 hours
Type of Workshop : 3 Hour Session
Who should attend

This workshop is open to MBTI accredited professionals who are interested in finding out how to use Type more effectively in a variety of coaching contexts.


This workshop will focus on developing MBTI accredited professionals’ ability to apply Type in their coaching sessions. Psychological type is a framework for working with the personality differences we observe every day. Awareness of these differences can assist in understanding how clients prefer to be coached, and how they gain information and make decisions. During this workshop, participants will participate in type-related exercises to develop these skills.

  • Build understanding of type preferences and how to apply them when coaching clients.
  • Provide information on how to tailor coaching services according to the Type of the client.
  • Discussion of a coaching process and tools for using Type knowledge to resolve conflict, influence others, develop effective work relations, and cope with interpersonal differences.
  • Review the unique strengths, contributions, sources of stress, preferred coaching styles, and areas for growth and development of each of the 16 MBTI® types.
What’s included
  • Lecture notes
  • Using Type in Coaching booklet
  • Refreshments
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