Ethics at the Movies : A Simple Plan (1998) (16VL)

Ethics: We will investigate the idea of the ‘slippery slope’ and see it in action. From a psychological perspective, we will learn that it isn’t so easy to go back once you have done something immoral.

Genre: Thriller/Crime

Date : Saturday, 3 June 2017
Time : 14:00–18:00
Type of Workshop : Ethics at the Movies
CPD Points : 4 Ethics CEU’s & 2 CEU’s
Venue : JvR Randburg (15 Hunter Ave, Ferndale)
Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in Ethics, in particular:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered Counsellors
  • Psychology interns and students

Three friends; Hank (Bill Paxton), Jacob (Billy Bob Thornton) and Lou (Brent Briscoe) find a crashed plane with millions of dollars inside and decide to take the money. All they need to do is wait until the people to whom the money belongs stop looking for it. As long as the three men follow a ‘simple plan’ which involves keeping the money until after winter and ensuring they tell no one, things should turn out fine. Unfortunately, things are not so simple. .

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