Good Will Hunting and Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders

Time : 17:30 for 18:00–21:00
Length of Training : 3 Hours
Type of Workshop : Psychopathology in the Movies
Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in psychopathology, in particular:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered Counsellors
  • Psychology interns and students

The DSM-5 has created a new category, Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders, in which both childhood and adulthood disorders that are related to trauma, are categorised. According to the DSM-5, children may develop either a Reactive Attachment Disorder or a Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder when faced with extreme adversity.

In the movie, Good Will Hunting, the main character is exposed to extreme abuse which results in abnormal behaviour in adulthood.

Although there has been a lot of research on trauma, human reactions to trauma still remains to be an enigma. In the discussion, we will focus on aspects such as post-traumatic growth, trauma as trigger for pathology as well as the link between childhood and adulthood disorders.

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