The “KNOW HOW” of school readiness

Time : 08:30 – 16:30
Length of Training : 1 days
Type of Training : CPD Workshop
Who should attend

Anyone with an interest in school readiness, in particular:

  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered Counsellors
  • Teachers
  • Preschool Teachers

This workshop will focus on the different aspects related to getting a child ready for school. These include motor/physical, perceptual, cognitive, emotional and social aspects. Some school readiness assessments that are currently available will be explored, and the benefits of using such measures will be discussed. The significant roles we as educators and professionals can play in helping a child to reach an appropriate level of school readiness will also be discussed. Pre-writing, pre-reading and pre-numeracy skills will be another discussion topic in the workshop as well as the need to look at a child’s working memory as an indicator of school readiness.


This workshop was designed to provide a thorough and holistic understanding of all concepts related to school readiness and to equip practitioners and teachers or other professionals with practical skills to utilise the information given in their various places of work. The total process of school readiness will be explained by looking at practical tips and examples of ways to recognise if a child is school ready or not. The focus will be on the importance of viewing a child in a holistic manner in order to make an informed decision about the child’s readiness for school.

What’s included
  • A full day of training using experiential learning techniques
  • Hand outs
  • Refreshments