Career construction: A systems approach to career guidance

Time : 08:00 – 16:00
Length of Training : 2 Day
Type of Training : CPD Workshop
Who should attend

Psychologists, psychometrists, counsellors, coaches, teachers and other individuals involved in providing career guidance and information.


Day 1: This workshop aims to: a) familiarise workshop participants with the theoretical background on which the MSCI (Adolescent and Adult versions) is based; b) introduce a systemic thinking and qualitative career assessment; c) overview the process of conducting the MSCI; d) provide examples from our experience of using the MSCI; and e) familiarise participants with the MSCI instrument and its use.

Day 2: This workshop presumes that participants are familiar with the theoretical and practical application of the MSCI (Adolescent and Adult). Thus the workshop focuses rather on specific qualitative career approaches and techniques that could be used in the interpretation of both MSCI and more traditional quantitative career assessment. More specifically, the workshop illustrates how, by using a story telling approach, career practitioners can assist clients in crafting a career identity in contextually and culturally sensitive ways. Further workshop participants will be taught how to facilitate narrative career counselling through three levels of story crafting questions. Illustrative case studies are provided to assist in this process.

For delegates who attended Day 1 in 2014, and advanced day 2 has been included and you are welcome to register for Day 2 in order to further your knowledge and use of the MSCI instrument and technique.

What is included?

  • MSCI workbook (Adolescent and Adult version)
  • Lunch and refreshments

Disclaimer: Presenters and attendees of all CPD activities must please note that the attainment of continuing education units (CEUs) does not licence any professional to practice outside their official scope of practice. CEUs are intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals but do not constitute professional training.

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