Communication, assertiveness and conflict management

Time : 08:30 – 16:30
Type of Training : Workshop
Who should attend:

This workshop is open for all interested

Course Overview

In today’s business environment, there is no doubt that interpersonal ability is crucial for relationships and results, which go hand in hand. Whilst cognitive intelligence is important, the interpersonal ability found in Emotional intelligence is arguably as important and often more important than pure intellectual quotient.

This workshop is aimed at any employee, supervisor, manager who has a need to build the interpersonal ability.

The interpersonal ability requires firstly a good understanding of the basic communication skills. Once you have these 8 skills firmly under the belt, it becomes important to apply these skills within the framework of assertiveness. Building relationships requires an understanding of the difference between aggression and self-assertion, and the other extreme of submissiveness may contribute to team and department results suffering.
When one is able to use the 8 communication skills together with the assertiveness knowledge, then the foundation for solid conflict handling is in place. Add to this the principles and approaches for good conflict handling and delegates will leave the programme with new skills, awareness and confidence to deal with people issues
The first day deals with the 8 communication skills, using an easy to remember framework, and exercises to develop the skills

Day 2 deals with the concepts of assertiveness, how to make a complaint assertively, how to say no and how to receive a complaint assertively.

Day 3 begins with the principles of conflict handling and sees delegates discovering their dominant conflict styles, after which they will put their total learning into practice with a conflict situation to reinforce and cement the principles and knowledge.

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