An Introduction to Strategic Management Skills

Duration : 2 days
Type of workshop : Two day workshop
Fees : Available on request. Please enquire about our special group rates.
Ideal Number of Delegates : Ideally 8-12 people
Who should attend

Middle and Senior Management levels

“A strategy is something you can touch; you can motivate people with; be number one and number two in every business. You can energize people around the message.” Jack Welch

The skill of Strategic Management is the skill of thinking differently. It is about challenging the current reality of your organisation and crafting a future that is yet unknown.


After attending the workshop, delegates will be able to:

  • Create self-awareness about their own information processing style
  • Define strategy
  • Create strategy for an organisation within the context of the industry and macro variables
  • Explore how to make a vision tangible
  • Understand the difference between and the application of:
    • Strategic Thinking
    • Strategic Planning
    • Strategic Management
    • Scenario Planning
  • To apply the Strategic Management skill practically in an organisational context
Assessment Used