Career Development: Tools to Navigate your Career Path

Duration : 1 day
Type of workshop : One day workshop
Fees : Available on request. Please enquire about our special group rates.
Ideal Number of Delegates : Ideally 6-12 people
Who should attend

Adults exploring career paths

“Each one of us is unique. We all have talents and gifts. Our first task is to discover these gifts and we shall do this by finding and following that which gives us joy. As we do so, we shall find a reservoir of energy within us and begin to create our own niche in life, which will be found by discovering what comes naturally to us.” Nick Williams


After participating in the workshop delegates will:

  • Understand how to create self-insight and self-awareness through:
    • the completion of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • insight into personal strengths and career preferences
    • awareness of values and interests and how they impact job satisfaction
  • Understand the importance of personal brand
  • Use a career management model to map the career journey
  • Explore various career moves that can be made along one’s career journey
  • Explore and apply techniques for effective networking
  • Create a personal career path vision with goals and an action plan for the way forward
Assessment Used

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator