Leadership Derailment

Duration : 1 day
Type of workshop : One day workshop
Fees : Available on request. Please enquire about our special group rates.
Ideal Number of Delegates : Ideally 6-12 people
Who should attend

Organisational leaders and managers

“No matter how magnetic, impactful, or authentic the leadership brand, all human beings have a dark side – a kind of shadow that follows you around, lurking in the peripheral, with the potential to emerge in times of stress, pressure, novelty, or boredom. This is what Hogan refers to as leadership derailment, wherein our personality characteristics betray us, degrade our success, and generally send us on a fast train to nowhere. Our shadow is particularly dangerous because it tends to lie beyond the reach of our awareness, but is highly apparent to those around us.” Jackie Van Broekhoven (http://info.hoganassessments.com/blog/bid/109199/Chasing-Your-Shadow-Leadership-Brand-and-Derailment)


After participating in the workshop delegates will:

  • To create self-awareness through:
    • the completion of the Hogan Development Survey (HDS) assessment
    • understanding what behaviour the delegate is inclined to demonstrate when under stress and pressure or feeling bored or tired
  • To understand what derailers are and the impact thereof on performance and interpersonal relationships.
  • To understand how derailment impacts leadership abilities.
  • To be given guidelines on how to manage one’s derailers from a leadership perspective
Assessment Used

Hogan Development Survey (HDS)