Dealing with difficult people

Length of workshop : ½ day
Type of workshop : Half-day workshop
Who should attend

Individuals and business professional who want to develop and improve on their ability to deal effectively with difficult people.


Can you remember the last time you had to deal with a difficult person? How did you handle it? What was the result? Did you solve the problem in a rational, calm and mutually satisfactory manner, or did you lose your temper? Dealing with difficult people in the workplace is not easy and can be very frustrating, but it cannot be avoided. This course will assist you in analysing and evaluating your own thinking, help you understand the other person, and offer some suggestions on how to deal with different types of people in challenging situations.


In this course you will learn how to:

  • develop a different understanding of ‘problem people’
  • know how to resolve problems with difficult people
  • understand the value of differences
  • know how to change ‘off-target’ thinking
  • know how you might contribute to difficulties with others
  • know how to pass on messages correctly
  • be aware of other peoples’ emotions
  • know how to handle difficult people in team settings

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