Effective Team Management

Duration : 1 day
Type of workshop : One day workshop
Who should attend

Open to all interested.


Although no company can do without individual initiatives, very few people can work totally independent of others. The sum total of an effective team is more than the sum of the individual contributions of its members. This workshop empowers team leaders with the following skills:

  • Co-creating a vision
  • Establishing a code of conduct
  • Managing and monitoring team processes
  • Effective communication
  • Role clarification
  • Building on differences
  • Building trust
  • Motivating others by applying psychological rewards
  • Managing conflict constructively
  • Managing change and encouraging innovation

It is recommended that team leaders also attend the “Managers as Facilitators” workshop.

OUTCOMES: Differentiate between a group and a team
  • Recognise the characteristics of high performance teams
  • Create a vision for a team
  • Monitor and manage team processes
  • Build trust among team members
  • Establish a code of conduct for your team members
  • Clarify team roles and expectations of team members
  • Build on differences amongst team members
  • Apply ‘psychological pay cheques’ effectively
  • Surface and resolve conflict amongst team members
  • Stimulate change and innovation
  • Improve your team’s effectiveness