Managing Functional and Dysfunctional Conflict

Duration : 08:30 – 16:30
Cost : R2 200.00 (Vat excl.)
CEUs : 7
Who should attend

Open to all interested.

Session Objective
Unpacking conflict Define conflict in various ways.
A History of conflict management.
Introduce popular conflict management models.
Taking the temperature Introduce a model for assessing and managing functional and dysfunctional conflict.
A perfect storm To become aware of biological challenges when facing conflict and introduce strategies to deal with them.
When you’re on the spot Learn how emotions affect our motives, and keeping your eye on the prize, despite how you might feel…
Learn and practice strategies for getting yourself in ‘functional conflict’ mode.
Functional Conflict Understand yourself and others’ goals and values, how to reconcile differences through dialogue and negotiation.
Dysfunctional Conflict Understanding how things can go wrong and how to get back to functional conflict.
Listening for HOT buttons Practice active listening and using findings from neuroscience to isolate the real issue.