Navigate your way through conflict

Duration : 2 days
Type of workshop : Two day workshop
Who should attend

Individuals, teams and business professionals who want to improve their conflict management skills.


Conflict is a natural part of life. If managed well, it can improve a person’s ability to accomplish tasks, work successfully with others in a team, and lead to personal growth. Dealing with interpersonal conflict at home and at work is however challenging to most of us.

In this course, participants will analyse and critique the way they currently cope with conflict and determine the impact of past experiences on their current behaviour patterns. Furthermore, the dangers of avoiding conflict are highlighted and participants learn how they can resolve conflict constructively by using a six step model. They also learn how to manage team conflict and how to create an organisational culture that supports constructive conflict resolution.


In this course you will learn how to:

  • define the concept and stages of conflict
  • recognise the various conflict management styles
  • calculate the cost and benefits of unresolved and resolved conflict
  • identify your attitudes, beliefs and style of approaching conflict
  • apply the five conflict management styles
  • identify the three most popular conflict resoution strategies
  • recognise the difference between disruptive and constructive conflict
  • implement a programme in order for organisations to enhance constructive conflict resolution
  • identify and manage conflict in a team
  • apply of a six step conflict management process
In addition you will get to

Complete the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument to gain insight into your own conflict style preferences.