EQ Accreditation Training

Lovely training from JvR Academy – thank you! Warm, comfortable and very appreciative

It was interesting and insightful. It just confirmed how I deal with situation and relate to others. Thank you for the informative training.

A well organized and facilitated program. Well done to JvR team

It was a very enjoyable training session. Very insightful.

Excellent course & excellent service/assistance

This certification is something I really needed for my own personal growth before I can administer it to others. I am now more aware of my emotions than before.

The facilitator showed commitment, she was a creative thinker and made clear understanding.

A huge thank you to JVR and MHS for an excellent tool. And a very big thank you to the trainer for a challenging but very enjoyable 2 days!

I really enjoyed the course. I think that from registering to completing the course I received incredible support and assistance.

Thank you VERY much. I enjoyed every second.

Excellent training and very useful tool

Well done, I found the individual feedback of the results very useful, as it aided in understanding the report during the in-class training. I would have liked to spend more time on the sub scales, e.g. looking at possible benefits of low scores, and strategies for development.

My only suggestion would be to assign more time to practise interpreting the tool/providing feedback. Other than that, JvR’s training is fantastic!

I am really glad I did the training.

Effective, interactive and informative. Well done!

The trainers made the experience of the training interesting and knowledgeable.

Really insightful and loved the different learning methods used.

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