MBTI Certification in Kenya

MBTI Certification in Kenya

Ravens Training for Department of Education

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the planning of this workshop. It was really an informative session and I am more confident to administer, score, interpret and writing up a report. Patricia Radebe

Organisational Ethics: A Primer

Excellent, energetic and knowledgeable presenter. Course was interesting and content valuable Charlotte sieberhagen Thank you for such a wonderful workshop! I felt incredibly engaged throughout the entire workshop. The knowledge I gained from the discussions we had was both interesting and useful. Candice Karam

MMPI Training

Training was exceptional. All my expectations were met and my knowledge of the MMPI is now advanced. After the training, I am now confident that I can competently administer, score & interpreted the inventory. The trainer was professional and supportive. He also appeared to have greater knowledge and understanding of the MMPI-2. Moloko Malema

16PF Accreditation Training

Fantastic assessment tool presented by an excellent facilitator! Best training i have attended thus far! Hayley Dady I thoroughly enjoyed the training, and the knowledge and competence gained. Candice Jones

School Readiness at DoE Focus week

Well organised and presented a non-bias overview of school readiness and assessment practices. Danie Lodewyckx Thank you for the opportunity. It enriched my knowledge about school readiness. Yolandé Theron

Strengthscope & StrengthscopeTeam

I enjoyed the training and will be incorporating it in my Training and Development Intervention Strategies. Talent Maturure

Practice Management

Thanks so much for organising this! It was absolutely fantastic and Graham was really informative, knowledgeable, reassuring and it was just so good to know that some of the stuff that I am doing intuitively was spot on. It has incredible value for me in having more ways of raising the bar and so I left motivated and enthusiastic to take my practice to new heights! Thanks for looking after me (your clients) for organisating such practical and very worthwhile events. So looking forward to Graham running a negotiating course some time! Big, big thanks – and as always the supporting team are so professional and most appreciated. Ann Werner Dr Graham du Plessis is a skilled and knowledgeable presenter. I’ve always wanted to start my own practice, but feared the financial aspects thereof, however, after attending the workshop, I now feel confident in my new endeavour. Michelle Hopkins

Masterclass: MBTI & Teams

Fatima was excellent in presenting the MBTI Training workshop. There was a lot of content to cover, but she made the training very interactive and was very approachable. Thank you Fatima! Charmaine Joubert

How to date like a boss in the 21st century

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and learned a lot and am grateful for the opportunity to attend. Ingrid Holtshausen Many thanks for answering all I wondered about. Ansie Botha This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I think the content was perfect, the balance of theory to personal application was just right and the informal, yet very professional atmosphere was safe, fun and very comfortable. The course covered all aspects related to the topic and more. I loved the way Elke and the MBTI info gave us so much personal insight, then Diane’s presentation was very powerful and thought-provoking. Each part built onto the foundations of the one before. (Would have loved to do more MBTI work).Tania’s afternoon section was outstanding – I would love to have spent more time on this too – (maybe look at some profiles, go on to some sites and more :). Something else that stood out for me was the attention to detail, the ‘little’ things ( that we all know are never little) and the gift bags – personalised mugs…just takes it to a whole new level of course! Made me feel very special. Thank you ! Kenda Kwowles


All who work with children envision a bright future for those in their care...

Personality Disorders in the DSM-5

Another great workshop by Prof Burke...


The WAIS (IV) SA version training that I attended was highly informative...

Marrying ”quant’ and ‘qual’in a career process

Very well presented and informative...

Executive battery – a birds eye view

I really enjoyed the talk by Paul...

Movie Night

Once again, a highly relevant and extremely valuable session....

Management vs Leadership

The topics covered by Fredeline and the manner, in which she is able to engage is professional and participative....


The 2-day Emotional Intelligence workshop at JvR assist​ed​ me with objectively reflecting and taking strategic actions...

EQ Accreditation Training

Well done, I found the individual feedback of the results very useful...

Competency Assessment Series

Great workshop! Very practical...

MBTI Accreditation training

The MBTI Training was conducted very well and I am very excited to use the MBTI...

Master Class: Type and Coaching

I thoroughly enjoyed the content, the facilitators experience & sharing...

DSM-5: Back to the Future

Thank you for an informative, well-pitched workshop...

My System of Career Influence (MSCI) Workshop

The MSCI is a qualitative career assessment tool grounded in the System Theory Framework...

Basic Principles of Psychometric Assessment

The workshop was beneficial and the presenter made dealing with numbers easier...