How to date like a boss in the 21st century

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and learned a lot and am grateful for the opportunity to attend.

Ingrid Holtshausen

Many thanks for answering all I wondered about.

Ansie Botha

This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I think the content was perfect, the balance of theory to personal application was just right and the informal, yet very professional atmosphere was safe, fun and very comfortable. The course covered all aspects related to the topic and more. I loved the way Elke and the MBTI info gave us so much personal insight, then Diane’s presentation was very powerful and thought-provoking. Each part built onto the foundations of the one before. (Would have loved to do more MBTI work).Tania’s afternoon section was outstanding – I would love to have spent more time on this too – (maybe look at some profiles, go on to some sites and more :). Something else that stood out for me was the attention to detail, the ‘little’ things ( that we all know are never little) and the gift bags – personalised mugs…just takes it to a whole new level of course! Made me feel very special. Thank you !

Kenda Kwowles

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