How to get to our offices using Gautrain

Don’t drive, take the Gautrain!

Whether you’ve flown in to O.R. Thambo, or live in Pretoria, you don’t neccesarily have to drive or get a taxi to attend an event at our offices. The Gautrain is a fast and reliable option to consider.

Train stations open just after 5 in the morning and close after 9pm. Plenty of time to get there before and after an event. Your travel time from the Sandton station to our Johannesburg offices takes approximately 30 minutes. Note that this estimate varies dependending on traffic. There are busses every 12 minutes during the week.

Use your gold card for parking fees, train and bus rides. If you don’t have a gold card yet, you can obtain one at the train station for R13 and then load it with credit to cover your route to our offices and back. If you use a bus and a train within one hour of one another the fare is R6 (as at 19/11/2014). Please refer to the Gautrain website for up to date fares and information.

Click here for the bus route from Sandton station to Randburg.
(Note that it is best to get off at the corner of Republic rd and Bram Fischer drive and then walk to our offices at 15 Hunter Street.