MBTI Accreditation training


Fatima was awesome!!! The info was etched into my mind and I can answer questions on it very openly and freely without having to refer back to my notes. Loved the training and presenters and the tool. The training was long and draining at times but at the end it was great

Kameshni Pillay

I enjoyed the training. The MBTI certification was part of my personal development plan. I found it useful as it helps learning about myself and how I can have better interactions with other people. I will make use of it in HR Counselling. Thanks.

Evans Wenceslas MANDJA

I really benefited a lot from the real life examples and this made learning easy to understand. The facilitator also demonstrated her rich knowledge and skills in facilitating this training and I was convinced about a subject matter that I have been struggling with. Great training experience.

Barbara Bram Annor

It was a great personality assessment yet. I now have better insight into my own personality as well as others. What I also liked is that this tool does not put individuals in stereotypical boxes, and appreciates that given any situation, one can prefer to act in an otherwise ‘out of preference’ mode. Enjoyed the course content and I would used this tool throughout my professional career as a psychometrist.

Lerato Ndlovu

Dear Elke,

I will like to extend my sincere and utmost gratitude to you, Jacqueline and Deidre for working to ensure I was finally able to participate in the MBTI training.

We ended the training just last week Friday and it was wonderful. I thought I knew a good deal about the MBTI but realized I literally knew nothing at all. It was such an informative and insightful workshop and I can’t stop talking to everyone about it. I am looking forward to working more extensively with it. I have to present to all Staff in my organization tomorrow on my training and I am excited all over again just going through the MBTI material.

I must say that Fatima was an amazing trainer. Our understanding of the theory and its applications, our engagement in the workshop and the deep insights we gained from the workshop was all because of her amazing training style and abilities. Kudos to her and the entire JvR Academy team.

Kind Regards,
Abigail Lartey

Abigail Lartey

It seems the students thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with the JvR team. The feedback from the evaluation forms was overwhelmingly positive. We received compliments on the very well-structured and professional training material. The students also commented that the presenters were interactive, and professional.

Thank you so much to Fatima, Paul, Kirsty and Nicola for a job well done.

Stephan Ferreira – Project Officer: Continuous Education Programmes, University of Johannesburg
(MBTI Certification 24 – 27 March 2015.)

Thank you so much for presenting the course with such excellence. I have better understanding of myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Ever since attending the course I am able to explain to people why I do certain things and I am also able to relate better with them; whether in a social or work setting. I also understand why some aspects of my job were exciting and others not. This course has provided me with an instrument I can use to serve people around me better; that instrument is self-knowledge.

The level of professionalism was just impeccable. It is always exciting to be taught by people who are so passionate and knowledgeable about what they are doing and that is what I experienced with Kathy (ENFJ) and Katherine (ENTJ). I highly recommend this course.

The workload was extensive, yet looking back I feel awesome to have been part of the course and that I was pushed so hard because now the knowledge has been engraved into me and I will be able to administer the instrument with confidence. I look forward to my first presentation (feedback) to my boss and colleague set for Friday. Thank you so so much.

Itumeleng Dzivhani

Both Katherine’s and Willie were super attentive and approachable. I appreciate the fact that they were non-judgmental towards us interns.

Irene Sarrimanolis

Brilliant course and presenters.
Just one suggestion: The course ended rather late on the Friday, which caused a lot of anxiety in terms of traffic and travelling back (especially for individuals who travel far). Is it possible to structure it to finish earlier on the last day or at least not have the last day fall on a Friday?

Charmaine Horn

I enjoyed the programme immensely. There was a good balance between theory, practice and participation in group discussions. The process was systematic and flowed well to ensure we do not move on before having a foundation vested in understanding. The theory and explanations are simple enough to understand and relate to yet the meaningfulness of the information in terms of self-reflection, understanding and development is priceless.

Maria Elizabeth Louw-Bleeker

Thank you!
Suggestion: The training is of such an intense and in-depth nature that I would suggest making it a 5-day course rather than a 4-day.

Bianca Smit

The MBTI Training was conducted very well and I am very excited to use the MBTI in my professional capacity.

Gerhardus Johannes Niemann

It was the most interesting workshop but I think the time was too short. It could have been extended a bit. Overall I loved it.

Mokgadi Lekgothoane

It was a great learning experience and I can see how valid it is in my everyday life. I now associate everything to this and I try work out everyone’s preferences to better understand them.

Sheriden Bekker

The MBTI training was amazing it was a lovely experience thank you

Yeshanka Naranswami

Enjoyed the training thoroughly.

Sharon Winter

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