Organisational Design


has a profound effect not only on its strategy, mode of working, culture and dynamics, but also on its performance, and ultimately its success. The design of the organisation can only be ignored at the peril of the effectiveness and efficiency of an organisation. Organisational design (or architecture) (OD) pertains to the delivery logic crafted by organisations to establish, unlock and deliver ongoing
value for its stakeholders. OD entails the organisation’s Operating Model.

A fit-for-purpose design allows an organisation to compete effectively because it serves to ensure a best fit between the organisation and its context; mobilise the organisation in a focused manner to meet market/customer needs in a value-adding manner and a more responsive way by creating a greater customer experience; translate the organisation’s strategic intent, strategic initiatives, and goals into clearly demarcated work units, day-to-day work flows, and modes of working, requisite levels of work, and well-defined work roles; mould the organisation’s strategic intent, leadership, people, culture, resources, and performance into a coherent, synergetic whole; build, enhance, and protect in-depth core capabilities, organisational and people-wise; and direct and shape effort and performance in the appropriate direction.

Although OD always has been a critical organisational discipline and a key leadership task, it now has become even more of a burning platform,
and will remain so for the foreseeable future. The world is changing in some fundamental ways that require a rethinking of many organisations’ designs. Also many organisations are reformulating their strategic positioning which require consequently a rethink of their design. Employees’ expectations with regards to their work have also shifted that demands the rethink of work design..

What is the overall purpose of the Programme?

To enable delegates to gain expertise and skills with respect to OD as a critical organisational discipline and key executive leadership task: the where, what, why, how, who and whereto of OD. The intention is to capacitate delegates to architect Organisational Operating Models with fit-for-purpose Delivery Logics.

Who should attend

The Programme is aimed at Organisational Development/ Design Practioners and Senior HR Business Partners. Its purpose is to capacitate delegates to architect fit-for-purpose Organisational Designs by developing expertise w.r.t. the where, what, why, how, who and whereto of OD.

About the Programme Learning Facilitator

Theo H Veldsman is Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management, Faculty of Management, University of Johannesburg. He holds a Doctorate in Industrial and Organisational Psychology, and is a registered psychologist (Industrial and Research Psychology), as well as a registered HR Practitioner. Theo has extensive research and development, as well as consulting experience over the past 30 years. He is regarded as one of the thought leaders in South Africa with respect to people management and the psychology of work. Over many years he has demonstrated his ongoing ability to pro-actively identify emerging people and leadership needs and arrive at fitfor-purpose, innovative solutions that are simultaneously theoretically and practically sound.

He has a proven ability to move seamlessly between theory and practice. Theo is seen as one of the pioneers of introducing Organisational Design as a formal discipline in Southern Africa and Africa. He has enabled the process of introducing many of the global Organisational Design Thought Leaders to South African audiences. Personally, Theo has conducted over 50 organisational design assignments across private and public organisations, both locally and internationally, at executive and senior management levels. He has been party to many South African organisations introducing organisational design as a formal area of practice. Over the past 5 to 8 years he has trained close to 150 OD practioners through public and in-company programmes. He has also been assisting an international conference organizer to present a national annual Organisational Design Conference for a number of years. He is the author of nearly 200 technical/consulting reports/articles covering the abovementioned areas. He has done numerous management and professional presentations and seminars nationally and internationally. He is the author of two books, and has contributed nine book chapters. A comprehensive book on Organisational Design by Theo will be published mid 2016.


The Programme is made up of four workshops, totaling 10 days, and running over about 7 weeks. Individual workshops can also be attended in different permutations, depending on delegate needs. Inhouse organisation Programmes can also be arranged

For more information on the individual workshops download the brochure.

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