Peek-A-Boo, which TYPE are you?: Personality Type and Teaching

Time : 17:00 – 18:00
Type of Training : Workshop
Who should attend:

This workshop is open for all interested


It is probably common knowledge that effective teaching leads to effective learning. However, understanding the core needs of students and selecting teaching and learning strategies that result in effective teaching is not an easy task. Understanding and applying personality type theory can make this complex process somewhat easier. When teachers understand type diļ¬€erences, it can influence how they interact with their students, present lessons, construct assessments, and how they design classroom rules. In doing this, the classroom and learning should become a more pleasant environment and experience for teachers and students.

Different personality styles learn best by being exposed to different teaching techniques. So by including a variety of classroom techniques, teachers are more likely to be successful in facilitating learning in their students. Although webinar will focus on a variety of well-know classroom techniques in relation to personality type, it is not only intended for teachers. Individuals in helping professions and parents often take on a teacher role and can therefore also benefit from the insights gained during this webinar.

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