Peek-A-Boo,which TYPE are you?: Introduction to understanding personality type in children

Time : 17:00 – 18:00
Type of Training : Workshop
Who should attend:

This workshop is open for all interested


Psychological type provides a workable framework for understanding the differences between children and adults, whether it’s a parent, teacher, therapist or mentor. By understanding the different personality types, adults can increase their awareness of more effective ways to help children grow and develop their unique gifts and talents, while at the same time developing more supportive and secure relationships with their children, students or patients. Understanding the children in your care’s personality type will influence all areas of your interactions with them, including conflict management, motivation, meeting emotional needs and general communication, to name but a few.

In this webinar we will see how psychological type can be used to understand individual differences in children. We will provide you with a brief overview of Jung’s theory of psychological type and discuss the characteristics of the different psychological types. The knowledge gained during this webinar will be used as basis for future TYPE IN CHILDREN webinars (Type and Study Methods; Type and Careers; Type and Teaching; Type and Parenting).

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