Peek-A-Boo,which TYPE are you?: Personality type and learning style

Time : 17:00 – 18:00
Type of Training : Workshop
Who should attend:

This workshop is open for all interested


Whether in a formal classroom of, let’s say 25 learners, or whether in a much smaller home environment, it often happens that the individual (teacher, parent) who facilitates the learning process, structures learning activities according to their own learning styles: “if it works for me, then it should work for them!”

Different learning styles however have different learning needs. In understanding these learning needs, the learning facilitator can play to the needs, strengths and preferences of his or her learners. In a bigger classroom it is of course impossible to cater for the needs of all the individuals. However, an awareness of these differences (and how it differs from the facilitator’s own style) may help the facilitator to design a wider variety of learning activities and by doing so, improve each learner’s chance for more effective learning. Awareness of learning style does not only inform learning design, but it also informs study methods.

In this webinar we will be linking personality style to learning style and study methods. Although the “Introduction to understanding personality type in children” webinar is no prerequisite for taking part in the type and learning style webinar, we strongly recommend that you take part in the introduction webinar if you do not have previous exposure to the theory of personality typology.

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