You are the future of our profession – 20% discount for students & interns

Becoming accredited on assessments can be a significant investment especially as a student. Our goal is to make it easier for you to build a competitive CV.

This discount applies to all of our offerings at JvR Academy.

You qualify for this discount when:
  • You are studying at a school, college or university, in order to enter a particular profession that is clearly linked to the field of psychology.
  • You are enrolled for a programme with a minimum duration of 6 months.
Psychology students qualify by:

Providing either proof of registration with a university or HPCSA student registration number.

Psychometry and Registered Counsellor interns qualify by:

Providing an HPCSA registration number and their supervisor’s details. An honours degree is not sufficient for many of the accreditation trainings.

Psychology Interns qualify by:

Providing an HPCSA internship registration number and supervisor detail.

Non psychology students (for programmes that do not require a professional registration) qualify by:

Providing proof of registration with a relevant institution. A student number by itself is not sufficient.

When registering for any of our events, please remember to send proof that you are a student in order to qualify for the discount.