The ethics of dealing with people and their issues

Date : 11 November 2017
Event Type : Webinar
Time : 17:00 – 18:00

This webinar explores the impact that ethics have on the way psychologists shape their professional conduct. We revisit the basics of what ethics entail and how it is intertwined in our interactions with others, regardless of their status (or ours). While philosophers are best known for using their minds, we actually need our hearts and minds to work together in order to achieve psychologically sound goals. How then do we incorporate ethical principles in the process and how do we ensure that our reasoning remains healthy? This webinar focuses on the role of psychology in taking the lead in the quest for a more ethical approach, instead of merely observing and philosophising about the current trends seen in our modern society. By highlighting ethical dilemmas encountered in environments where people are the main focus, we will explore some moral questions, as well as recent research related to the topic.

Disclaimer: Presenters and attendees of all CPD activities must please note that the attainment of continuing education units (CEUs) does not licence any professional to practice outside their official scope of practice. CEUs are intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals but do not constitute professional training.

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