To buy or not to buy: The influence of personality type on consumer behaviour

Time : 08:30 – 12:30
Type of Training : Workshop
Who should attend:

This workshop is open for all interested

Course Overview

If you have ever surprised yourself by buying something that you did not intend to or even needed, and pondered afterwards about the how and the why of your purchase, this workshop is likely to provide some answers.

Personality affects the way people behave. Consumers tend to buy not only products that they need, but those that are seen as being consistent with their “self-concept.” We generally want our purchases to match, or to blend in, with who we think we are.

It is common knowledge that marketers utilise the link between personality and consumer behaviour. “Brand personalities” are created to match the personalities of the target market and products or services are positioned to appeal to consumers based on the personality characteristics of their “best prospects”. In marketing personality is thus a useful concept – it allows for the categorisation of consumers into different groups based on their different personality characteristics.

Reference groups, social class, culture and sub-cultures all contribute to the way that marketing influences consumer behaviour. However, our own confidence of who we are remains the key in understanding why we find specific products or advertisement campaigns appealing.


  • To understand how personality is reflected in different types of consumer behaviour
  • To understand how personality contributes to consumers’ responses to marketing
  • To understand how to create a “brand personality” in order to appeal to a pre-determined target market
What is included?

  • Workshop material. Tea and coffee.
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