Toxic Leadership: Toxic traits, willing followers, colluders and conducive environments

Time : 08:30 – 16:30
Type of Training : Workshop
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This workshop is open for all interested

Course Overview

The traits and characteristics of modern day corporate psychopaths has garnered great interest with the publication of the book “Snakes in suits: When psychopaths go to work” by Babiak and Hare in 2006. Although psychopaths tend to work their way into modern organisations and have a negative impact on moral decision-making and adherence, modern studies have identified traits in psychologically healthy individuals that can also result in destructive leadership (i.e., leadership styles that seek personalised power and harm followers in the long-run). Additionally, certain contextual (environmental) characteristics of the organisation can promote the entrenchment of destructive leadership and cement the positions these individuals hold in organisations. By looking closely at the characteristics of such individuals, the environments that promote them, the followers that support them, and the colluders that protect them; we will showcase how destructive leaders can gain power in organisations. We will use the Toxic Triangle proposed by Padilla, Hogan, & Kaiser (2007) to better understand and identify this phenomenon in modern organisations, how to prevent such leaders from taking hold, and how to combat toxic leadership once it has been entrenched in the organisation.

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