Executive Battery: A Bird’s-Eye View

Time : 13:30 – 15:30
Length of Session : 2 hours
Type of Session : Two Hour Session
Who should attend

Anyone interested in executive level selection and development including but not limited to:

  • HR Professionals (any Human Capital Practitioners)
  • Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • Registered Counsellors

This two hour free session aims to address common issues in the executive selection and development process and provide a framework for human capital practitioners to select and design an executive battery. Although numerous psychometric instruments are used in organisations to select and develop executives, not many human capital practitioners are aware of the numerous pitfalls and dilemmas that are involved in this process. Many practitioners are also not aware of the psychometric instruments available for executive-level selection and development. This session will address these issues by investigating and evaluating different steps in the executive selection and development process and review commonly ignored best practice guidelines.

Some of the aspects that will be discussed in this session include:

1) job-analysis: a commonly misunderstood activity;

2) competency selection and the latent constructs in psychometric measurement;

3) measurement of broad vs. narrow psychological constructs and their effect on the prediction of job-performance;

4) predictive validity and the use of performance criteria;

5) a review of commonly used instruments for executive selection and development; and

6) an integrated process guideline for selection and development of executives.


This free interactive two hour session will provide experienced and inexperienced human capital practitioners, psychologists, psychometrists, and registered counsellors with a framework for the selection of a battery of psychometric instruments that can be used for executive-level employee selection and development. Best practice guidelines for psychometric assessment, instrument selection and application will also be communicated.

  • A selection guideline and process for the use of psychometric instruments for executive selection and development.
  • Refreshments
  • CPD Points
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