Interpersonal Development and Dealing with Difficult People

Duration : 2 days
Type of workshop : Two day workshop
Who should attend

Individuals and business professionals who want to manage their stress response and not fall victim to the negative consequences of chronic stress.


According to Edward de Bono, the two most important rules of everyday thinking are the following: 1. Everyone is always right; and 2. No one is ever right. If there is truth in this, where does this leave you when it comes to dealing with difficult people? Or does this perhaps make you one of the difficult people that we find everywhere around us?

This course will provide you with useful insights and strategies for developing your interpersonal skills to deal more effectively with difficult (and off course not so difficult!) people!


In this course you will learn how to:

  • to get in tune with other people’s emotions
  • to understand the value of differences
  • to change ‘off-target’ thinking
  • to have a different understanding of ‘problem people’
  • you might contribute to difficulties with others
  • to handle conflict more effectively
  • resolve a few difficult people problems
  • to handle ten difficult people problems in teams
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