Organisational Design


Are you facing the need for restructuring at work? Are you contemplating a merger or acquisition? Are work teams in your organisation ineffective, and work roles disengaging people? It might be time to refresh your organisational design expertise (and save on consultation fees).

To date no comprehensive, integrated Organisational Design (OD) Capacity Programme has been available in South Africa. For the first time ever such a Programme is now offered through JvR Academy, facilitated by Theo H. Veldsman, a leading OD expert with many years of design experience, locally and internationally.

1. it seamlessly merges the theory and practice of OD;

2. it presents a comprehensive, integrated, OD approach and process; and,

3. it entails doing extensive diagnoses of real life case studies to make OD concrete in its application. You will get to work on your own OD challenges during the workshops.

Who should attend

The Programme is aimed at Organisational Development/ Design Practioners and Senior HR Business Partners. Its purpose is to capacitate delegates to architect fit-for-purpose Organisational Designs by developing expertise w.r.t. the where, what, why, how, who and whereto of OD.


The Programme is made up of four workshops, totaling 10 days, and running over about 7 weeks. Individual workshops can also be attended in different permutations, depending on delegate needs. Inhouse organisation Programmes can also be arranged

For more information on the individual workshops download the brochure.

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