Personality Type in Children: Your gateway to the teaching experience you’ve always dreamt of

Date : 19 September 2015
Time : 09:00 – 15:00
Venue : 15 Hunter Ave, Ferndale, Randburg
Fee : R1 200,00 (excl. VAT)

The MMTIC® instrument (Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® ) is used for assessing psychological type in children and young people. Psychological type can be used very successfully as a workable framework for understanding the differences between children and adults – in this case, teachers – which in turn has an impact on the way they communicate with one another. By understanding the different personality types, teachers can increase their awareness of more effective ways to help children grow and develop their special gifts and talents, while at the same time developing more positive and stronger relationships with their students. Teaching is such a relationship-driven vocation, that having better teacher-student relationships can only benefit both the student and the teacher.

Hence, the importance of teachers understanding the concept of personality type differences cannot be understated. When teachers understand type differences, it can influence how they present lessons, how they construct tests, and how they design classroom rules. Teaching in a way that honors the different processing styles should result in higher achievement. Additionally, the classroom should become a more pleasant environment for teachers and students. When one takes into account that implementing such subtle changes will not incur more paperwork or new curriculum-designs, using psychological type in teaching becomes a win-win situation for all who are invested in our children’s education.

About the presenter

Tania Cleary is an academic and researcher focusing on the practical application of Psychology in order to empower people to thrive. Tania’s previous career as a Music Teacher and Deputy Principal for more than two decades bespeaks a specific interest in children and family dynamics. Her earlier research explored post-traumatic growth in adults after suffering bereavement, while her current and ongoing research is taking a closer look at the experiences of juvenile offenders in the South African Criminal Justice system.

Tania is a co-founder of GoLearnSA, a company which provides curriculum and assessment to the homeschool and independent student market. In her free time she loves to cook and read, and spend time with her family (including the three fur-kids, Essie, Daffodil and Littleby).

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