Risk: the human factor

Time : 09:00 – 13:00
Length of Session : 4 hours
Type of Session : Half-day workshop
Who should attend

All people concerned with Risk Management in the Financial, Mining, Human Resources, Entrepreneurial and other industries.


The Chinese word for RISK has two characters; Wai (DANGER) and Chi (OPPORTUNITY). These two are inextricably linked. When Risk Managers describe themselves as managing, preventing or controlling ‘risk’, it’s really only the ‘danger’ aspect of Wai Chi that they are managing. Two crucial distinctions need to be made. The first is this semantic distinction between Risk and Danger. The second crucial distinction is between focusing on the danger itself and focusing on the individuals involved or confronted by it; their alertness to risk, their perceptions and reactions to it, and their willingness to take risks. We ignore these Human Factors at our peril.

Danger is entirely subjective; one person’s danger is another person’s excitement. Some enjoy uncertainty others are horrified by it. Some will only do things systematically, others will only do thing spontaneously. Some find change alarming, others find routine alarming. These are all basic differences of personality. To fully manage Human Factor risk (rather than just the dangers), the agenda has to include Wai as well as Chi and the balance between the two. This requires an understanding of risk personality – the contribution made by the Risk Type Compass®. The effects of Risk Type on decision making have significant implications for individuals, teams and organizations; for their effectiveness and for their survival in various industries. Join Geoff Trickey in exploring the ‘human factor’ in risk, with this 4 hour workshop.

All attendees will be asked to complete the Risk Type Compass questionnaire prior to the session (free of charge). Feedback will be provided within the session.
Workshop delegates will receive a 20% discount on the certification fee.


Geoff Trickey: Managing Director of © Psychological Consultancy Ltd

Geoff has been a passionate advocate of applied psychology over an unusually varied professional life that has spanned the usual divisions between educational, clinical and occupational psychology. This includes professional training, management consultancy, research, clinical and educational casework, occupational psychology, psychometric research and development, and test publishing. Through roles as Honorary Research Fellow at University College London, European Manager for The Psychological Corporation (San Antonio, USA), followed by a long association with Bob and Joyce Hogan at Hogan Assessment Systems (Tulsa, USA), he has been privileged to work with an exceptionally influential pool of talent and laid the basis for an informed global perspective on psychological practices. Geoff set up PCL in 1992 and has overseen its continuous growth to establish its current global presence. He now devotes much of his time to research-based consultancy and innovative internet-based product development.

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