Turning good apples into bad apples: The powerful role of conformity, context, and group apathy in modern organisations

Time : 08:30 – 12:30
Type of Training : Workshop
Who should attend:

This workshop is open for all interested

Course Overview

Although great interest has been garnered of late on the characteristics of toxic or sociopathic leaders in organisations, the role of contextual social psychological forces and their negative impact on the moral decision-making of psychologically healthy individuals has been somewhat neglected. This workshop aims to sensitise delegates to the power these social forces have on individual and organisational ethical decision-making and moral adherence. By looking more closely at the effect of role conformity (Zimbardo, 2007), blind obedience to authority (Milgram, 1965,1974; Thomas, 1999), Group Apathy (Darley & Latane, 1968; Rowe, Wilcox, & Howard, 2009) and the Bystander Effect (Asch, 1951) this full day workshop will investigate how these forces may override moral decision-making and judgment and result in unethical outcomes for individuals and organisations. Delegates will be exposed to the ENRON and Abu Ghraib scandal, the Stanford Prisoner Experiment, the Asch Conformity Studies; and the Milgram experiments so that these forces can be practically observed and understood. Methods of combating these forces will also be presented.

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