Work-related Risk and Integrity scale (WRISc)

Time : 08:30 – 16:00
Length of Training : 1 Day
Type of Training : Accreditation
Who should attend

HPCSA Registered Psychologists, Psychometrists, Registered Counsellors & Interns in these fields

Course Overview:
The Work-related Risk and Integrity scale (WRISc) is a South African developed assessment for the prediction of organizational deviance. A basic version of the assessment has been in use for some time, but the full version has recently been released, with much additional information of use to practitioners. In general, workshop participants will gain insight into what the test measures, and how to interpret the scores by means of in-depth case study discussions. More specifically, participants will be presented with contemporary theory on key constructs measured by the assessment such as the Dark Triad of personality, which include toxic dispositions such as Narcissism and Machiavellianism. This will develop and enrich practitioners’ capacity to use the tool effectively in a variety of organizational contexts. Further, research evidence demonstrating its predictive ability will be presented, and other psychometric properties will be considered. Finally, several case studies will illustrate and how to interpret scores in a meaningful and responsible manner.

The MMTIC® (Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children®), is an instrument which is used for assessing psychological type in children and young people.

Disclaimer: Presenters and attendees of all CPD activities must please note that the attainment of continuing education units (CEUs) does not licence any professional to practice outside their official scope of practice. CEUs are intended to broaden the knowledge of professionals but do not constitute professional training.

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